By Jesse Collier. Updated January 2018.

Ever wanted to make money by just going to class? Read on and we’ll teach you how to make money selling notes on OneClass!


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You have a weekly class schedule that you follow. Calculus on Monday at 11:30 AM. Biology on Wednesday at 1:30 PM. Chemistry on Thursday at 3:00 PM. What if you could make money from all the notes you take in class? You might be surprised to know that you can!

This guide will take you through using OneClass to make money selling notes that you take in your classes. They even accept older notes from previous years in uni as well, so as long as they’re clear and well-written, you can upload them!


Getting Started


First off, start by going to the OneClass website. Once it loads, a “sign up” popup will appear, where users can sign up with Facebook, Google, or email.

Once you enter in your personal details, you should receive a welcome email to the account that you signed up with. The email will offer some tips to get you started to make money selling notes!

Going back to OneClass, if you login, you should be presented with your OneClass dashboard, which will look similar to this:


make money selling notes with OneClass


Feel free to get familiarized with OneClass, however I will be detailing some of the features that you can access in your OneClass dashboard in the next few sections.


Your OneClass Account


So you have your OneClass account setup and ready to go. Now what? Let’s upload our first notes to OneClass!

Up in the top right, there’s an “Upload” button. Clicking on that will show a popup:


add course make money selling notes OneClass


Choose “Add a new course” in the popup, and then fill in the details of the course. Once you add a course, it will be added to the “My Courses” tab on the bottom left of your dashboard. Repeat for all the courses where you want to make money selling notes!


Using CamScanner

In order to upload all of your notes, you’re going to need an app that can handle various effects besides your default camera. OneClass recommends CamScanner, which I personally use and I can attest to its usefulness.

CamScanner lets you take photos of your documents and provides options to enhance the image, such as reducing contrast and using filters to make a visually appealing picture of your notes.

I also recommend signing up for a Google Drive account, then uploading notes to there. OneClass also allows you to grab notes straight from Google Drive, so it’s very efficient when you have a few different classes on OneClass. I usually save my pictures as a PDF and put them into a folder labelled with my class name so it’s easy to upload to OneClass.

Of course there’s other scanner apps out there, but I find CamScanner to be the best of them.



Make Money Selling Notes


So you took pictures of your notes and uploaded them to a service like Google Drive or Dropbox. Now, go back to your OneClass dashboard. Again, click the “Upload” button on the top right. This time, in the popup, click the drop-down menu and select the course where you want to upload notes. Then, click “continue“.

This will bring you to the course upload page:


course upload page make money selling notes


You have the option to just drop your files into the page, or you can click the colored Google Drive triangle, and it will bring up your folders in your Google Drive account. Then you can grab multiple files from your folders and upload them to OneClass.

Once you upload notes, you will earn credits that can be redeemed for gift cards such as Paypal or Starbucks. They also have reward contests, which cost less credits, but pay out large prizes if you win them.



Top Tips


We wanted to make sure we didn’t forget any important details, so we organized some top tips for you as you make money selling notes with OneClass:

  • make sure your handwriting is neat and organized so other people can read it
  • only upload handwritten or typed notes to OneClass. They will suspend your account if you repeatedly upload copyrighted documents that your profs give you
  • before uploading notes, in your scanner app, make sure the notes are legible and not blurry
  • you can also upload study guides, chapter summaries, and textbook notes for even more credits!
  • let your friends know about OneClass and get them to sign up using your invite link to earn referral bonuses
  • upload often to help people in your classes who may need your notes


When you have uploaded a fair amount of notes (I did this after one semester of uploading with OneClass), you can apply to be an Elite Note Taker. Elite Note Takers earn more credits per upload and when people download their materials.

Do you use OneClass and notice something we missed? Write a comment below!



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