By Jesse Collier. Updated November 2017.

Just when you thought you’ve seen all the ways to make money, here comes a new one – printing ads for cash. Read on to discover how!


make money printing with Freenters


Are you tired of printing research papers or projects at your school only to pay outrageous amounts on paper and ink costs?

On average, students print up to 4600 pages throughout their college or university career. Even though it may seem like you aren’t paying very much (usually cents per page), it can add up. That money can be spent much better elsewhere (like on that coffee to get you through your day).

This is where Freenters comes in. The company allows you to make money printing ads on separate pages along with your papers or projects. This can reduce your printing costs to virtually zero while also earning you some pocket change.
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How Does It Work?


You can sign-up at Freenters with your .edu email address from your school.

You will need to verify your account by clicking on the confirmation email you should receive on signing up. This will allow you to cash out on your money made from printing ads with your content.

make money printing

Once logged in, you should complete your profile questions, which will be about your school, major, and year in school.

Of course, these questions are optional, but filling them out will allow Freenters to tailor the ads to your interests and give you more relevant deals and offers.

Filling in your profile also ensures that there are enough ads for you. If your profile is mostly incomplete, the Freenters driver may send your print job to the original printer and not give you any ad pages.

Now, once you have confirmed your email and filled in your profile, you should download the printer driver. The driver can be found under the download section on the Freenter site. Make sure to download the correct driver for your operating system.

Downloading the wrong one can lead to issues down the road. The printer driver works on all personal printers as well as on 70% of printers on US campuses. As long as you have a .edu email account, you can use Freenters!


Making Money Printing with Freenters


make money printing ads



Now you can make full use of the Freeprinters services and you can make money printing!

When printing a document, just click the Freenters driver where you would normally click the printer to do the print job.

A pop-up will appear asking you to login with the credentials you signed up with earlier, and you can save them by checking the “Save ID/PW” box.

Once logged in, another popup will appear, asking for the printer to send the job to. The ads will be printed on separate pages from your work, one ad page as the first page, then another ad page every other five pages.


What is the payout?


Currently, Freenters offers 40 cents per ad page, which can work out to a profit of .35 cents as most school services will charge about 5 cents per page.

Depending on the efficiency of your personal printer, ad pages can cost from 3.5 cents to 20 cents, so it is usually better to go to your school’s printing service.

So let’s say you are printing a 16 page project, and each page costs 5 cents to print.

In total, it will be 20 pages (4 ad pages). That works out to: (5 cents) x (20 pages) = $1.20. However you earn 40 cents from each ad page. So that works out to be: (40 cents) x (4 pages) = $1.20.

So you basically get your printing for free, while also getting exclusive deals and offers!

Once you reach a $10 balance (25 ad pages) in your Freenters account, you can cash out with Paypal from your profile.



Are There Any Drawbacks?


So this all sounds great, you get to print your work for basically free, while also getting free deals and offers. But you may be asking, “are there any drawbacks to the whole process?”. So we detailed some potential drawbacks you might encounter while using this service here:



Freenting takes a bit longer because there are more pages to print. It also takes time with the initial  setup of  your drivers and your account. If you are in a hurry to print, it may not be a good idea to use the Freenters service.


Cost of Printing:

Depending on the efficiency of your printer, the savings will vary for printing ads through Freenters.

This is mostly for personal printers. The printers at your school printing service will usually be better and more efficient, and will cost less to print each page. Each ad page is set to default as printing in color, so we recommend to change it to print in black and white, especially if you are using a personal printer.


Running Out of Ink Faster:

Since you are printing more pages, with more pictures (in the ads), you may run out of ink faster  on your printer.


Keep in mind that this is a good passive way to make money printing. It will take some time to get enough to cash out, unless you print a lot of pages.

However, you earn and save money by printing work that you have to print anyways, so it is still a great way to make some extra pocket money. If you need any help or have any questions, drop a comment below!

Also use code MONEYTIPS100 to start off your account with $1!




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