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Ever tried cutting hair and found you were actually really good at it? We will teach you how to make money cutting hair while you’re still in school!

make money cutting hair

For those of you that have younger siblings, you know what it’s like to “experiment” on their hair. Sometimes, you may have found that it actually didn’t look half bad. Sometimes, you may have left them looking like Shrek.

So if you are a natural at cutting hair, or just want to learn how to make money cutting hair, this article is for you. Cutting hair will also allow you to collect the hair and donate it to charity while making some money on the side.


How To Make Money Cutting Hair

make money cutting hair


Most people will settle for the $20 or $30 haircut from their local barber or salon. But what if they could get a good-looking haircut from another student on campus, sometimes later than their salon or barber shop is open, and for much cheaper?

That is exactly the idea that a student at Queen’s University in Canada decided to put into action. The student (who wishes to stay unnamed) set up shop in the common room in his residence building, and started to accept customers.

Armed with only scissors and basic hair-cutting tools, he managed to accept an average of one customer a day, while also continuing his studies and going to classes. When he had time, he would schedule customers at varying times to come and get a personalized haircut.

From self-experimentation and watching multiple tutorials on cutting hair, he began to cut hair on a regular basis. At first, customers were wary of visiting a student, who had no brick-and-mortar shop and no professional license to get their hair cut.

However, the student constantly churned out happy customers, who shared his work on Facebook, and word quickly spread around campus and in the surrounding community.


How Do I Get Started?


Cutting hair is more simple than it sounds. First, start reading hair-cutting blogs and watching tutorials on styling hair. Learn the proper terms and different hairstyles and get familiar with the process of cutting hair.

make money cutting hair with a kit

Next, buy a hair cutting kit. They can be found on Amazon for under $30, and they have everything you need to start cutting hair.

So you have a proper hair cutting kit and at least some idea on how to cut hair. Now it’s time to either practice on yourself or on a really trusting friend. Cutting your own hair will let you get a feel of what works and what doesn’t, as it is a lot harder to cut your own hair than someone else’s. Cutting your own hair could also save you over $150 per year on haircuts.

The first couple of cuts may be a bit rough around the edges, but as long as you remember that hair will always grow back out again, there’s not much to worry about.

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Take It To The Next Level


If you really like cutting hair, you could get your license and then try to get a job at a shop or salon. Once you gain enough experience, try setting up your own business and getting a shop of your own! The sky’s the limit, so it’s just up to how much you want to pursue being a hairstylist.

make money cutting hair in a salon

Throughout your journey, start a blog and keep it updated with your progress! It will be a great motivator for you and it will allow you to have an online presence that you can show to potential customers.

As long as your customers approve, you can also donate your hair to cancer societies. Just make sure to read up on how to cut the hair. Usually there are specific guidelines on how long and what color the hair has to be in order for them to accept it. Donating to cancer societies will also show to potential customers that you’re not cutting hair just to make a profit, but also to make a difference in other people’s lives.


Top Tips


We realize the whole process can be a bit confusing, so we put our best tips together to show you how to make money cutting hair:

  • Do your homework and get familiar with everything related to hair-cutting
  • Start by experimenting on yourself, then move on to other people
  • Buy a small kit that has an electric razor, combs, and other hair-cutting tools
  • Find a place where you can cut hair. This could be a common room, bathroom, or somewhere else where it doesn’t matter if it gets dirty
  • Establish a rapport. Be friendly to customers, and they will spread the word about you, which will lead to more customers
  • To take hair-cutting to the next level, consider training under a professional at a local salon. This will give you valuable experience and could lead to further opportunities


Do you cut your own hair or cut other people’s hair and noticed some steps we missed? Make sure to write a comment below!





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