By Jesse Collier. Updated May 2017.

Not sure where to eat tonight? Save money at your favorite restaurants with Mogl, a San Diego-based dining rewards company serving over 1,000 restaurants across the US.


eat at your favorite restaurants with Mogl


Debating on whether to eat at your favorite pizza place or that new Italian restaurant down the road?

Wherever you decide to go, take your experience to the next level with Mogl, a company based in San Diego that provides dining rewards when you go to eat at your favorite restaurants.

Mogl isn’t your average dining rewards program though. The company has some interesting twists on the dining experience that create guilt-free outings to restaurants and leave people hungry for more.


How It Works


Mogl provides cash back, points for rewards such as travel, or donations to a cause of your choosing when you eat at your favorite restaurants.

Users link their debit or credit card after signing up with Mogl, then eat at over 1,000 restaurants in over 250 cities across the US. When people dine at restaurants supported by Mogl, they will earn a percentage of their bill (chosen by the restaurant) back to their Mogl account.

The money in their Mogl account can then be redeemed for cash back to their card, rewards points, or donations to a good cause.


Getting Started


eat at your favorite restaurants with Mogl


First, sign up at Mogl. Feel free to look around their site and see if they offer discounts in your area.

If businesses are registered with Mogl in your city, then you can start using Mogl by linking your credit or debit card to your Mogl account. Don’t worry about security either, as Mogl uses the same encryption that banks use to ensure your data is safe.

If Mogl is currently not supported in your city, but over 100 members and 5 restaurants request it, then Mogl will come to your city! Request Mogl in your area here.

Once your card is linked to your Mogl account, the next step is to find restaurants where Mogl is supported. There is a wide selection of restaurants in multiple cities, so don’t be afraid to try something new!

To take your Mogl experience to the next level, consider downloading their apps to use Mogl on the go.


How Is Mogl Different?


Above, I mentioned that Mogl puts a few twists on the dining experience that sets them apart from typical rewards dining programs. Here I detailed them for you:


Mogl’s reward system is a large part of what makes them different from other rewards programs. Mogl allows you to earn cash back and cash rewards.

Cash back is earned when you swipe your card at participating restaurants when your card is linked with Mogl.


All of your payments (except for cash back) go towards a “rewards thermometer” that will track your rewards. Once you reach $10, you can redeem for the reward you want.

Read more about Mogl payments here.



Mogl also differs from other dining rewards programs through their use of fundraisers. Mogl allows you to create a fundraiser for a cause or contribute to another person’s fundraiser.

If you create a fundraiser, you will need a credit or debit card from the organizer. You can also use a personal credit card, then send the funds to the cause you want to support. The funds can be withdrawn to the linked card once your Mogl account balance reaches $10.00.

Contributing to a fundraiser is just as easy. It only requires the touch of a button to send funds to that cause.

Read more about fundraising with Mogl here.


Helping The Needy


eat at your favorite restaurants while helping the needy with Mogl


Through Mogl’s Fight Hunger With Hunger fundraisers, you can help the needy fight hunger. Donating to these fundraisers follows the same process as contributing to other people’s fundraisers. For every 20 cents donated to these fundraisers, one meal is supplied to needy people.

Currently, 360,000 meals have been donated through Mogl, with an overall goal of 1,000,000. Every contribution you make can save people from hunger.

You can track the progress of donated meals in multiple cities and find the Fight Hunger With Hunger fundraisers here.


Tips For Using Mogl


Using Mogl can be somewhat confusing until you get the hang of it, so I put together a list of tips that will help to get you started:

  • First make sure Mogl is supported in your area. If it’s not yet in your city, request it here.
  • Consider using the Mogl apps to have quick access to your Mogl account to check for restaurants and discounts around you
  • Once you have enough money in your Mogl account, think about donating it to a fundraiser of your choice or to one created by someone else
  • Pay attention to special promotions Mogl may have at restaurants around you, as they will allow you to earn more
  • Instead of going to one restaurant all the time, look the restaurants that support Mogl, and try something new!


Do you use Mogl and noticed anything we missed or do you have any questions you would like answered? Write a comment below!


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