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By Jesse Collier. Updated September 2017.


Tired of eating Mac & Cheese and Ramen every night? Wouldn’t it be great to actually afford a beer when you’re out with your friends? Let us teach you how!


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1. Make Money with a Part-time Job


make money with a student job

This will be the most obvious and easily accessible choice for some students. At most schools, there is a career service that allows students to get work-study positions. These offer limited work hours to allow you to focus on your studies as well as to make money on the side.


Who is this for?

Anyone can find a part-time job, however it does take time and patience. You will also need to prepare resumes, cover letters, and other documents.


Required Skills:

You need the ability to create resumes, cover letters, and other documents. You also need to be able to act professionally and be able to answer interview questions.


Check out our guide to landing a student job so you can start making money this semester!



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2 . Create a Website


make money with a website

All you need is an idea and some motivation and you can have a fully-fledged website up and running in a very little amount of time.

Depending on how you make your site visible to other people (Facebook marketing, learning SEO), you could be on the fast track to some serious money.


Who is this for?

Anyone can create a website, especially with user-friendly content management systems such as WordPress, however it will definitely help to have a basic technical background. You also need to like writing, as most sites have a blog or some content.


Required Skills:

Depending on what type of website you want to create, you will need to have patience and good writing skills (if you’re writing a blog on your website). You will also need the ability to do research on different concepts, especially if you are selling a product. Many different factors contribute to getting your page on Google and in front of viewers.


Read our guide to creating a website in 20 minutes!


3 . Create a Blog


Blogs can be about anything. They can be about how much you love sports, your travels, or even about your daily experiences in school.

Whatever you write about on your blog, someone will stumble upon and read it, and if you have a knack for creating quality content, creating a blog can be a very lucrative way to make money at university.


Who is this for?

You need to like to write about a specific topic or varying topics depending on your blog. You should also be someone who likes to do research and brainstorming for your posts.


Required Skills:

It takes time to do research and form your ideas into a post, so good time management is also needed, especially with a busy school schedule. You also need to be able to research on those topics, and draw information from that research to form your own opinions.


Read our article on how to make money blogging today!


4 . Affiliate Marketing


make money with an affiliate network

Most sites that sell products have an affiliate marketer program.

Find an affiliate network such as Shareasale, sign up, and pick a product that your friends will like, then share that product with your affiliate link to your social media.

If your friends love you, they will buy that product and you can make a good commission.

You can even set up a website or Facebook page and create links to the products you have chosen onto your website or Facebook page. The more people looking at your products, the higher chance that someone will purchase them.


Who is this for?

This method to make money is mainly for people who already have a platform to put their affiliate links on. If you already have a website, blog, or even a Facebook page, and they have some traffic, it’s worth it to put in some affiliate links.


Required Skills:

Being an affiliate marketer requires you to be a critical thinker and to know and recognize trends in products that people will buy. You also need to be able to persuade people into buying your product with attractive images or content.



5. Make Money with Surveys


One way to make money at university that is growing in popularity is to fill out surveys.

Research companies are always looking for new people to join their services, and there are always surveys for students. Most survey sites also have other features, such as product testing or sweepstakes.

Some survey sites will pay you well for only a few minutes of your time, and usually pay via giftcards or Paypal. Some surveys can have you earning $10 or more!

Survey sites that I have tested out and can confirm pay out are:






Opinion Outpost,

Harris Poll


Who is this for?

Filling out surveys is for people who have time to answer questions about various topics. Since different companies need answers from different demographic groups, surveys can be about anyone.


Required Skills:

You need the ability to judge your interests in different topics. You also need to be able to fill out multiple questions, which can be very repetitive.


Read our review of the top 8 survey sites that you could start making money with today!


6 . Review Products


make money reviewing and testing products

Companies always want people to test out their products or online platforms in order to develop a better experience with their customer base.

As a reviewer for their products, you can make money by telling companies what needs to be improved, and what looks good enough to sell.

Sometimes companies will even send you free stuff in order to get your opinions on what’s hot and what’s not.

There are multiple sites that you can use to get started, however here are some of my favorites:






Who is this for?

Reviewing products is for people who are good at making authentic and descriptive reviews. This is for you if you have time to answer questions honestly about a company’s products.


Required Skills:

You need the ability to be descriptive in your writing. You also need to be able to test a product for flaws or problems and report on them.


7 . Sell your stuff on eBay


Have old clothes you no longer wear or forgotten phones that you don’t need? Odds are, someone will buy them on eBay. Setup a Paypal and eBay account (if you don’t already have them), link them, then list those items! With the help of this eBay/Paypal Fee Calculator, you can see exactly how much you will make from selling on eBay.


Who is this for?

Selling things on eBay is for people who have time to set up their eBay listings, which includes taking pictures and writing descriptions.


Required Skills:

You need to be able to take quality photos, usually against a white background with sufficient lighting. Most smartphones now will be sufficient for your photos. You also need to be able to write attractive descriptions that will answer people’s questions.


8 . Recycle old cellphones


make money with broken cellphones

With technology advancing rapidly, especially in smartphones, chances are you have spare, broken (yes broken!) or old cellphones lying around. These are potential money earners!

With sites like RecycleMyCell (Canada only!) and SellCell, you can get an instant quote on your smartphone. You then mail it to them, they assess the condition of it, and send you a cheque in the mail.


Who is this for?

Recycling cellphones is for anyone who has any old or used phones lying around!


Required Skills:

No special skills are required, except for being able to mail your device(s) to the company of your choosing.


9 . Mystery Shopping


Being a mystery shopper can be a great way to earn some extra cash while also (usually) keeping the items the company wants you to purchase on your shopping trip.

Sites such as Mystery Shopping Canada are easy to apply to and usually give you assignments from stores you would normally shop in.

Mystery shoppers have to report on different aspects of their shopping trip such as timeliness of cashiers or friendliness of staff, and then submit it to the mystery shopping company for review.


Who is this for?

Becoming a mystery shopper is for people who like to review different stores and their methods of operation. Mystery shoppers should be excited to be a part of a change in the stores they mystery shop for.

Required Skills:

Mystery shoppers should want to benefit the stores they visit by providing honest reviews about the store’s policies. They should also be good writers and they should be organized, as mystery shopping requires taking a lot of notes.


10 . Get Cashback


make money with cash back

When making purchases, saving any little bit can go a long way, and can really add up. With sites like Ebates, you can shop and earn cashback on purchases at over 2000 (and counting!) online and in-store retailers in the United States and Canada.

Just choose an offer and you will be redirected to the online retailer’s site. Once a purchase is made, Ebates will track it and send you cashback via your Ebates account or through Paypal.


Who is this for?

Making cashback through Ebates is for anyone who likes to shop!


Required skills:

There are no required skills for making cashback, however you have to have a valid card to shop at the stores. You must also have a valid bank or Paypal account to withdraw your cashback.



11 . Sell Your Notes


This is the easiest way to make money by just going to class! With sites like OneClass and NexusNotes, all you have to do is take pictures of your notes you take in class and upload them to the site in order to earn cash and gift cards.

With OneClass, I usually make about $175 per semester taking notes for only two classes. If you take notes in more classes, you can earn more credits which can be redeemed for giftcards and Paypal cash.

Read our detailed guide on using OneClass to make money throughout the school year.

Who is this for?

Making money for your notes is for people who would like to help other people study with their notes. You should be a good organizer, as the sites require you to label your notes. This is ideally for people who are in school, as they will have notes to upload from their classes.


Required Skills:

In order to make money for your notes, you have to be a neat writer and you have to be able to copy down your instructor’s notes. You have to have some camera skills, as taking clear pictures of your notes is required for OneClass and NexusNotes.


12 . Flip Goods for Money


make money flipping goods

“Flipping” products is when you buy something only to sell it at a higher price. Most schools have Facebook groups where students can sell things they no longer need or want, often at huge discounts.

You can also find great deals on Kijiji, Craigslist, and at local garage sales. Try to look for things you know you can sell for a profit on sites like eBay – products such as electronics, clothes, or fads that you notice are trendy.

Try to avoid things that may not get you any profits and always inspect the items for any defects!


Who is this for?

Flipping goods in order to make money is for people who have an eye for the monetary value of goods. In order to have a good eye for goods, you must know the market value for them on sites such as eBay and Amazon.


Required Skills:

You have to be knowledgeable about the market value of various goods. If you are selling on sites such as eBay and Amazon, you have to know about their fees in order to calculate your potential profit. You must be organized with spreadsheets to record profits and losses from each item you buy.


13 . Flip Domain Names


Flipping domain names is exactly like flipping products, only you buy or register domain names from sites like GoDaddy ($2.99 CAD).

Buying domain names can also be a good way to make a quick profit, however you have to know what to look for. Typically, as a beginner, you want to purchase domains that you think may have some value eventually and won’t cost you too much to start out with.

You want keyword rich names, that are relevant to a specific niche. You can search on sites like Flippa, where people buy and sell domains. 0123.com recently went for a little more than $250,000 with the help of brokers from Flippa!


Who is this for?

Flipping domain names to make money is for people who are able to predict if domain names will be wanted in the future. You have to be able to interact with sellers and buyers on domain flipping sites.


Required Skills:

Anyone can learn how to flip domain names, however having a technical background is an asset. You should be able to research different keywords in order to predict their relevancy in the future. You need the ability to be patient, as most people won’t sell their first domain name for millions.

Web Hosting


14 . Make Money by Tutoring


Whether it be for high schoolers, elementary kids, or adults, everyone is always looking to learn new skills.

If you grasp a subject really well, know a language fluently, or have a special skill that you see a need for, then you can market those services to other people.

It could be through a service such as Oxford Learning or Tutor.com or even just making a name for yourself by teaching effectively to people in your local area.

Who is this for?

Anyone can learn how to be an effective teacher, however people who have experience tutoring will already have those skills. Tutoring is for people who already are knowledgeable about a subject and who feel they can teach that subject well.

Skills Required:

In order to tutor someone in a subject, you must be knowledgeable about that subject. You also need to know how to market your ability (through flyers, message boards, etc.) in your local town or online.

Read our guide to making money tutoring other people!


15 . Participate in Research Studies


make money with research

Most schools have specific departments (kinetics, biology, etc.) that are looking for human participants for various studies.

Usually there will be a Facebook group dedicated to posting studies from students conducting them.

These can be a great way to make money easily and with minimal effort. You also get to participate in research that advances medicine and health!


Who is this for?

Participating in research studies is for people who want to help advance different research projects or medicinal fields. Some studies require you to not eat for a specified amount of time before the study, so if you need to eat, this may not be for you. You must also have enough time for participating in the study and for repeat visits.

Skills Required:

You need to have enough time in your day for going to the study location. Most studies require you to go back a few times to complete the study. Depending on the study, you will have to perform various tasks, which may be strenuous (they will outline all of the risks beforehand).

There are plenty of ways to make money on your campus, around your local area, or online. However, it’s up to you to actively look for those opportunities which interest you and in which you can make a good rate of money for your time.



16. Make Money with YouTube



Thousands of people have made livings from creating YouTube videos about various topics with sponsored content and advertising.

The PewDiePie YouTube channel creator Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg grosses over $15 million, and is climbing steadily each year. He focuses mainly on videos where he films himself playing video games.

The youngest YouTube star, Ryan, is a five year old that opens the newest toys and plays with them or just goes about his everyday life. YouTube has embraced him with open arms, and he has a huge following of people watching him.

Many other people have come up with similar ideas, and then have made them unique in their own way. What’s good about YouTube is that it doesn’t require hardly any startup funds, and making videos can easily be done with a smartphone.

Who is this for?

Anyone can make a great looking YouTube video. The videos that usually go viral are the videos that put a spin on a normal concept. So if you have a knack for making quality videos that are unique, then you can potentially make a lot of money from YouTube.


Required Skills:

There’s no skills that are required to startup a YouTube channel. However, to make quality videos, most smartphones have what you need, but a more powerful camera may be better depending on your videos.


17. Sell on Fiverr


Fiverr is an online marketplace where people offer services called “Gigs” in exchange for cash, starting at $5. People offer all kinds of services, from advertising and video creation to logo design and homework help.

Most Gigs have tiers of service that they offer. For example, a logo design gig may offer a logo design for $5, however if you want the vector and source files for the image, revisions, or license rights, you have to pay more.

Fiverr focuses on providing top quality services to different people, so they have a rating system. Most people will go with the gigs that have the highest rating in the service they need. In order to attain higher rankings and ratings, people must produce high-quality services and demonstrate customer loyalty.


Who is this for?

Creating Fiverr gigs is for people who would like to help people in an area that they have skills with. This is also for people with quite a bit of time on their hands, as gigs can take a while depending on your service.


Required Skills:

You must be knowledgeable about a service in order to offer that service. For example, if you are really good at drawing and design, however you don’t know how to produce your drawings in software such as Photoshop, it may not be a good idea to offer logo design.


18. Become a Mobile App Developer


apps to make money

Companies are increasingly looking for mobile app developers for their businesses. Over 2 billion people use mobile devices globally, and that number is only climbing as desktop users plateau.

Ever heard of the saying “there’s an app for that”? It’s mostly true, as for almost any case you can think of, there will be an app for it. Yet people continuously develop apps every day. Why and how do they do it?


You may be thinking, “if there’s already an app for it, why would I create an app that does the same thing?”. Apps become popular because of their uniqueness.

Like I mentioned above for creating YouTube channels, people take ideas that have already been created, but they put a twist on the concept. Being unique in your idea makes people want it more as there’s nothing else like it.

You also may be thinking “but developing apps requires expensive software and takes a long time”. This entirely depends on how in-depth you want to go and what types of apps you want to develop.

With courses on Udemy for Android app and iOS app development, and services like Appmakr, it can be a breeze to create mobile apps.


Who is this for?

Creating mobile apps is for people who have time to dedicate to the app they want to create. Creating apps can be enjoyable, especially when the end product is finished, if you keep developing it.


Required Skills:

With creating apps, some technical skill is required. However with courses like the ones above, they will walk you through creating your own apps.

It will also be necessary to do some research on different niches and how ranking works in the app store you want to develop for.



19. Write Articles for Websites


Various websites are always looking for good writers to write content for their sites. They are looking for people who have new ideas and will write new content for their audiences.

With sites like ContentGather and Freelancer, it is easy to find people and companies who need writers for their blog posts, product information articles, or reviews.


Who is this for?

Writing articles for websites is for people who love to write and who want to express their knowledge on a specific topic. It is also for people who are eager to learn about topics they may not know about.


Required Skills:

Being a good writer is key for this position. You must know how to form sentences that allow the reader to understand the meaning of your writing. You also need to know about various subjects, and to be able to research on topics to from a piece of content.


20. Facebook Marketing


facebook marketing to make money


More than one billion people are active on Facebook globally. This means that companies want to tap into that user base to advertise their products. By learning Facebook marketing, you can become a marketer for that company, or even for your own company or blog.

Facebook has been proven to increase profits for companies multiple times over with the highly targeted ads you can create. These ads will target people in specific age groups, with specific interests, and with many other demographic details.


Who is this for?

Becoming a Facebook marketer is for people who like to use Facebook and who want to help businesses get their products and services in front of potential customers.


Required Skills:

In order to use Facebook marketing effectively, you need to know your way around Facebook and how to use different functions such as the ads manager and page manager. Facebook has made these very easy to learn, so beginners are definitely welcome. You will also need a strong attention to detail and an eye for creating attractive posts.


By using these tips, you can be on your way to making money in no time. If we missed a way that you use to make money, drop us a comment below!

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