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By Jesse Collier. Updated March 2017.


Your cellphone and your wallet are becoming one and the same.

Especially as students, you are the generation that uses their cellphone for everything from paying for purchases to using gift cards that you have received. It’s time you put your mobile device to another use.

This is an extensive guide that will allow you to earn cash for apps on your mobile device throughout your day.


Make Bucks With Swagbucks (Global)


Swagbucks.com is an online rewards platform that allows users to perform a variety of tasks in order to earn their digital currency, “Swagbucks” or “SB”. The SB app also contains most of the features from the online site.

Users can follow through an interactive tutorial in order to get familiarized with the dashboard when they create an account. At first it can be a little overwhelming, however after some navigation, you’ll be on your way to earning cash in no time.

earn cash for apps with Swagbucks

Ways to earn SB are organized in a handy tab on the side of the page, with categories such as: Shop, Watch, Answer, Discover, Search, and Play. Users can answer surveys (there are plenty to choose from on a variety of topics) and shop at their favorite stores.

Users can also earn SB per dollar spent, choose offers ranging from signing up for products to downloading apps for SB, and watching videos for SB.

Now to the most exciting part. All of those SB earned can be spent in their rewards store on Starbucks gift cards, Paypal money, Steam gift cards, or even a charity of your choice.

SB can also be spent on “Swagstakes” where you can earn various prizes. You can typically redeem 500 SB for $5 USD of the prize of your choosing, 1000 SB for $10 USD, and so on.

Swagbucks is available on iOS and Android, where users can earn cash for apps on the go.

Swagbucks also has separate apps for watching videos, called Swagbucks TV on iOS and Android.


Get Rewarded with Perk (Global)


Perk is widely considered to be the number one mobile rewards platform. Through the Perk system, users can earn “Perk Points”, which can be redeemed for gift cards, for sweepstakes, or cash on the “Perk Plastik”, their personalized debit card.

“Perk Tokens” can also be earned and are much more bountiful, however they can only be spent on sweepstakes entries, bidding on prizes, or to play scratch cards.

Through the wide array of Perk apps, users are able to watch videos, earn cash for apps, install apps, take surveys, complete offers, and bid for prizes, all with Perk Points or Perk Tokens.

The entire Perk Apps collection can be found at this site, available on both iOS and Android.




Watch to Earn with App Trailers (Some Rewards are US only)


earn cash for apps with AppTrailers

App Trailers is a video social media platform founded by the same team that designed App Redeem, a popular mobile rewards app for downloading apps for credits.

App Trailers allows users to watch videos for credits. They monetize each video, meaning that an ad (typically around 25 seconds) will play before you get to watch the trailer. Each video earns you 5 points.

In order to cash out your earnings, you must have at least 500 points ($0.50). This means that you would earn about $0.36 in a hour. 

Videos can range from music videos, app trailers, movie trailers, or videos uploaded by the community. As of the newest update from writing this article, each music video and uploaded video earns you 7 points.

You can even earn more points when you upload a video and it goes viral in the community. Users can also earn points from trying “promos”, which usually involve signing up for offers or taking surveys.

It can definitely seem to be a grind to get enough points to earn you rewards such as Amazon gift cards, Paypal cash, and Xbox Live rewards (10000 points = $10).

Even though App Trailers will hardly make a dent in helping you earn passive income, it still makes this list as it can be a consistent app to earn money while going throughout your day.


Discover Loot with Cash Pirate (Android Only, Global)


earn cash for apps with CashPirate

Cash Pirate is a mobile rewards app from ayeT-Studios GmbH. It is currently the best passive income earner app I have on my phone, and which you should have on yours as well.

Users can download apps and complete offers from SponsorPay, TrialPay, AdColony and Aarki; the usual sponsors. Cash Pirate has a few neat surprises though.

Once logged in, users have the opportunity to create a goal for a desired reward. The app shows a progress bar towards 100% of that goal, which is a constant reminder to achieve it.

Cash Pirate also allows users to download “Pirate Picks”. These are special apps that give a higher amount of coins, but you have to keep the app on your device for 3 days.

Users can redeem coins for prizes such as Amazon gift cards, Paypal cash, or Steam gift cards. Their deliver time is usually within 24 hours, and their support staff is helpful and responds quickly. Consider using referral code PROVKE for extra coins as well!


Play with AppKarma (Global)


app karma apps for cash

AppKarma is probably one of the most comprehensive apps in my passive income arsenal.

Users can watch videos, download apps, earn cash for apps, and complete offers for “Karma Points”. AppKarma also comes with a twist. In the app, you can accumulate “Karma Plays” by keeping the downloaded app on your device and playing it everyday.

By accumulating Karma Points, you can get Play Badges, which give you higher Reward Levels. Higher Reward Levels mean more earnings.

For example, at Reward Level 1, there is a 5% bonus added onto the points that you already get for downloading the app. The Reward Levels increase by 2.5% until Level 4 (12.5% bonus). This can mean a pretty big boost in your earning.

AppKarma gets your country from your device, so it tailors the rewards to your region. Rewards include Paypal cash (roughly 10000 Karma Points = $10), Amazon gift cards, and Steam gift cards.

By redeeming for rewards, you also get a redeem bonus to bolster your points. Typically, apps and offers give you about 200-300 Karma Points each, so it doesn’t take long to reach your desired reward.


Pick Up Whaff (Global, some rewards based on USD)


whaff apps for cash

Whaff is also a great way to make money throughout your day.

The app plays on a lot of different aspects of the mobile app earning genre. One section of the app, titled “Premium Picks” allows users to download apps with many different features.

For example, users can download an app where they earn an installation reward, a daily play reward, and also rewards for completing those challenges.

This can accumulate to a dollar or more for not much work at all. Download multiple apps with these challenges, and that makes more cash for apps on your mobile devices.

Whaff also has “Whaff Picks” which are offers or app downloads that can earn you a higher rate of earning. Another cool feature of Whaff is that you can check your attendance in the app. This will give you additional rewards, usually just for watching a video or downloading an app.

With all of these methods, it doesn’t take long to make enough to redeem for a reward. Minimum redemption amounts are usually about $12.

The range of rewards are extensive, including Google Play, Playstation Network, Steam, and Amazon.

Consider using my code: AC80986 for an extra bonus.


Overall, apps can be a very good way to earn cash for apps on your mobile devices throughout your day and even while you sleep! Consider using any and all of these apps to maximize your earning potential with your phone or tablet.

Do you use an app that you think should be on this list? Comment it below and we’ll add it in!

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