Most students have time on their hands during the day. Why not take paid surveys during that time and earn hundreds per month?

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Taking surveys during your student career can turn out to be very lucrative. While it can potentially be dull and boring, with time and very little work, you’ll be earning hundreds for rent and other expenses.

There are tons of survey sites out there, but with so many to choose from, you might not be getting the best rewards for your time.

This is why we’ve created a list of the 8 best websites to take surveys for money, based on several factors such as trustworthiness, customer support, and payouts.

We also show you how much you can get from each company, as well as some helpful tips to maximize your profit.

So let’s get started, shall we?



Tips For Taking Paid Surveys


We wanted to leave you with more than just our review of these survey sites, so here’s some tips to help you earn the most when taking surveys for money.


> Sign Up For Them All


checklist for paid surveys

One of the best things you can do to maximize profit when taking paid surveys is to sign up with as many companies as possible.

If a particular company goes sour, you can always delete your account and find another company to go with.

Most of these companies send emails regarding survey opportunities and offers, so by signing up with a lot of them, you’ll ensure a steady flow of paid surveys.


Setup A Dedicated Email


Speaking of companies sending emails, you’re going to need an email dedicated for surveys. Having an email for your sign ups will keep your regular inbox from getting cluttered. It will also ensure that you receive all of the paid survey emails that companies send you.


Beware Of Scams


Some sites will prey on students and the unwary with fake surveys and enticing offers. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

Another thing to watch out for is when companies advertise product testing. Product testers are chosen randomly, so it’s not guaranteed that you will get the product they have.

Also, if you think about it, they really can’t afford to send thousands of free Microsoft Surface tablets to everyone. Make sure you use common sense when submitting your info to companies.


Be Honest


These survey sites use advanced analytics and data science to aggregate responses and test for inaccuracies. This means that they WILL know that you’re lying and may reduce the paid surveys you receive or ban you altogether.

Even fudging something like your birth date will throw up red flags if you answer differently down the line. So don’t pretend to be a minority or older than you are, because they will catch on!


> Don’t Pay To Take Surveys For Money


man giving money

Last of all, don’t pay companies for the privilege to take their paid surveys. If a company offers you a special one-time membership fee, that screams SCAM. Always be cautious with these ones as we’ve seen some pretty clever tricks.

However, the paid survey sites we’ve listed for you are all legit, reviewed by hundreds of people, and verified by us.


Take Surveys For Money


Here are the top 10 survey websites that we have combed through from the vast (and growing) list of them. We’ve searched through hundreds of reviews, as well as personally tried these out ourselves to get you started.

We’ve also taken your privacy into consideration. These companies do pretty well about not handing out your info to everyone, but it’s best to create an email just for them.




swagbucks homepage

The company: Swagbucks is a massive get-paid-to (GPT) site owned by Prodege LLC, which boasts almost $200 million in payouts. They must be doing something right, and their fans agree.

Swagbucks is a site that allows you to earn their currency (called Swagbucks, or SB) for taking surveys, watching videos, shopping, playing games, and more.

Also earn an exclusive bonus when you sign up!

Rewards: Users can trade SB for gift cards from many different retailers, as well as Paypal Cash and sweepstakes or donations to various charities.

Earnings per survey: The average earned per survey is about 50 SB for 10 minutes of your time. Swagbucks also gives you 1 SB if you didn’t qualify for a survey, up to 5 SB.

Minimum Cashout: 100 SB (about $1 USD)

What we think:  We’re a big fan of Swagbucks, and so are A LOT of other people, which is why we have ranked them first in this list. With their wide range of earning opportunities, there’s little to be missed in this huge platform.

We personally found surveys and offers to be the best ways to make money on Swagbucks, but feel free to do the tasks that you like. Swagbucks also has a range of apps for your mobile devices that can increase your earning potential, even while on the go. Read our full Swagbucks review.

Visit Swagbucks

Top tip: Have a spare prepaid debit card lying around? Empty it out, then sign up for offers with the card. No charges will be made to your card, but it’s a good idea to cancel the offers anyways.




mypoints homepage

The company: MyPoints is the sister-site to Swagbucks, and like-wise, owned by Prodege LLC. Users can do many of the same tasks, including taking surveys for money, shopping, watching videos, but also saving money with coupons and deals.

MyPoints has also been in business since 1996, making it one of the oldest GPT sites available.

Rewards:  Users can cash out their points earned from tasks completed into Paypal cash or gift cards from top retailers.

Earnings per survey: Points for surveys vary, so doing a survey could get you 250 points for 10 minutes or as much as 35 minutes.

Minimum Cashout: 480 points ($3)

What we think:  While MyPoints is lesser known than Swagbucks, they still boast the same customer service and trustworthiness as their sister company, with both being under the same roof.

At first, we found the point system to be a bit tricky to convert to dollars, as 480 points is $3. Don’t be fooled though: Swagbucks and MyPoints offer pretty much the same scales for earning and redemption.

Overall, MyPoints is a great passive money earner, and some have even turned it into a part-time job (paired with other sites of course).


Visit MyPoints



paidviewpoint homepage

The company: PaidViewpoint is a company where users can take surveys for money. They’re extremely popular for being only a paid survey site, and they have a $1 sign up bonus!

Rewards: All surveys pay in USD, and users can redeem their earnings for Paypal cash or a Walmart or Amazon e-gift card. There is no point system.

Earnings Per Survey: Varies. PaidViewpoint has what’s called a “Traitscore” given to every user. The higher the Traitscore, the more earnings from surveys you receive. Traitscore surveys are different from regular surveys, and offer the chance for users to earn more. Think of it as a trust rating.

Most surveys are about 5-10 minutes long.

Minimum Cashout: $15 USD.

What we think: PaidViewpoint has set themselves up as a unique paid survey company. By introducing the “Traitscore”, users get to build their trust rating within the community as well as make higher earnings from it. The higher your Traitscore, the more surveys you get per month.

Users have said that the cashouts come very quick, and are painless with no points system to convert to USD. Payouts come within 72 hours, and their support team are very helpful and speedy with any issues that arise.

Remember to improve your Traitscore and you’ll be earning money in no time!


Visit PaidViewPoint



oneopinion homepage

The company:  OneOpinion is a survey site that allows users to earn points for taking surveys and product testing.

Rewards: Once their balance reaches 25,000 points ($25), users can exchange the points for Visa prepaid cards or Paypal cash.

Earnings per survey: Each survey typically gives you around 500-600 points, so it can be easy to get to that goal of 25,000 pretty quickly. Points also get credited instantly to your account.

Minimum Cashout: 25,000 points ($25).

What we think: While OneOpinion is definitely not the largest survey panel on this list, it repeatedly ranks high through various factors. Its lightning-quick support through chat and email and seemingly unlimited supply of surveys keep people coming back.

Users have reviewed that they have earned more from this site than others combined, so we decided to put it to the test.

And they were completely right.

By earning 500-600 points per survey, it’s very easy to get to that cashout mark. We contacted customer support as well for an issue we had with our account, and they answered within 4 hours.


Visit OneOpinion

Make sure you complete your profile for each survey site! Have a completed profile will allow the companies to match you with more surveys.




mintvine homepage

The company: MintVine is a survey site that allows users to earn points from surveys and offers. Their intuitive interface is an added bonus to their platform.

Rewards: Users can redeem points for Paypal cash, Visa prepaid cards, or a multitude of other online retailer gift cards.

Earnings per survey: Survey earnings vary, but most are around 70 – 100 points and take about 10 minutes to complete. MintVine also features daily polls, where users can earn 5 points for answering a few questions, and 25 points for answering 10 days in a row.

MintVine also gives you up to 6 points if you are disqualified from a survey!

Minimum Cashout: 1000 points ($10).

What we think: We love the rich user interface of MintVine. It’s easy and simple to navigate, and they clearly did not skimp out on the design.

We found that surveys credit almost instantly to our account, and they’re not as tedious as other sites we tried (varied questions, pictures, etc.). Another bonus is that you get up to 6 points if you get disqualified, so you don’t feel like you wasted time on it.

Looking at their offerwalls, we saw that they offer a substantial increase on earnings as opposed to other site’s offerwalls.

The one downside we have heard is that their support system isn’t the best, so if you’re a stickler for getting your issue handled in a timely manner, MintVine may not be for you.


Visit Mintvine



tellwut homepage

The company:  TellWut is an online company where you can take surveys for money, create polls, and refer friends. It’s known for having paid surveys that take very little time to complete and for allowing users to compare answers with other users.

Rewards: Users can exchange points gathered from surveys for gift cards from the leading online retailers. They have a slightly skewed points system, where 4,200 points = $10 and 10,000 points = $25.

Earnings per survey: Daily surveys typically take less than a minute to complete, so you receive 5 – 15 points for each completed one. However there’s many other ways to earn points, including creating polls and completing your profile.

They also have external surveys, where you can earn anywhere from 25 – 2000 points, and which take longer. Each survey tells you the estimated completion time before you start.

*Also make sure that you complete your profile and interests, or no surveys will appear.*

Minimum cashout: 4,200 points ($10).

What we think: From our experience with TellWut, we deem it to be very worthy of this list. Points are handed to you for every task you do on the site, so it doesn’t take long to reach that $10 payout goal.

While the user interface can be a bit overwhelming at first, once we got used to it we flew through the menus. What we found especially neat about TellWut is that we could do little paid surveys that took 30 seconds to a minute to complete. These are great to keep users on the site and provide a break from the longer surveys.

Overall, TellWut is a great choice when picking paid survey sites, and it should definitely be in your arsenal.


Visit Tellwut





The company:  PrizeRebel is a GPT site along the same lines of Swagbucks and MyPoints. It has been around since 2007, and boasts of over 7 million members with over $12 million dollars paid out.

Users can take surveys for money, watch videos, complete offers, and more.

Rewards:  Users can redeem their points for Paypal cash, Bitcoins, bank transfers, or gift cards from major retailers. For the most part, 500 points = $5, although some gift cards get discounted and will take less points to redeem.

PrizeRebel does have a tier system, where the more points you earn, the more perks you get. These include prize discounts, automatic prize release, and more.

Earnings per survey:  Each survey varies in payout, with a corresponding time frame. There are more than 7 different offer walls on PrizeRebel that offer paid surveys, so there’s virtually an unlimited supply.

From what we’ve seen, surveys are typically 10 minutes and give you 50 points.

Minimum Cashout: 150 points (about $2 CAD).

What we think: Personally, we love the tiered system that gives you more perks as you put more time into the site. It’s the best thing we can get to a “VIP membership”.

The surveys are generally engaging and when they become too dull, there’s so much else on the site to do and earn points for.

Their support service is very quick, usually answering within 24 hours. They also payout very quickly, at the most 48 hours after you request.


Visit PrizeRebel




rewardingways homepage

The company: Rewardingways is a company that allows you to take paid surveys, perform tasks, and test products.

Rewards: Users can redeem for Amazon gift cards, Paypal cash, or Bitcoin. RewardingWays has both a points and a cash system. Most surveys on the site give users cash, while other offers give points upon completion.

Earnings per survey: Varies. While most surveys give cash upon completion, some give points. Typically, you will receive around $1.00 or 100 points for surveys.

Minimum Cashout:  $1.00 (or 100 points).

What we think: While we tried out RewardingWays, we found that the user engagement was high on the site. We stayed on the site longer than other sites due to the amount of things that we could do. There’s surveys, videos, offers, and other tasks to complete, along with cash prizes and promo codes.

Yet we couldn’t get over the points and cash system. We found that it created confusion that could easily be avoided by sticking to one system. Luckily, $1.00 = 100 points, so there’s no hard conversion needed.

The best thing we found with RewardingWays was the unlimited supply of surveys (there’s literally an unlimited survey router as an option). There’s about 10 different survey routers on the page, with one high paying one that you can do once every 24 hours.


Visit RewardingWays

Are you already a member of any (or all) of these paid survey sites and have good (or bad) experiences to share? How about another company you would like us to review? Let us know in the comments!

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