Our Story


In 2016, we noticed there was no definitive source for student financial tips in North America.

As a university student, I have earned passive income from multiple sources, all of which will be outlined on this site. These methods have gotten me through multiple years of high school and university while earning money as a student.

This site is being dedicated to helping my fellow students around the world, who could use a little beer money for their next outing or just some pocket change to carry around.




As a university student in Canada, and coming from the United States, I know that tuition, books, and student life in general are all getting more costly and increasingly harder to pay for in the economic turmoil we face.

I am here to share my personal experiences as well as my expertise in creating different ways to earn enough money for rent while also paying for school. The purpose of this site is to provide free neutral financial tips for various ways to earn money.

This site is created for students, however mostly everyone can benefit from the information provided here. I hope that you, as a reader, will benefit the most from this advice and will use it to get through school as well as to help guide your future financial decisions.


Jesse Collier

Owner of Money Tips for Students