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Halloween is coming fast, and with it comes the question: What costumes will you and your friends have to rock the night?

Don’t sweat coming up with ideas though, as these 10 cheap Halloween costume ideas will impress your friends while not breaking the bank.


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10 Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas


We all want to look spectacular on Halloween without wearing the typical cheerleader or basketball player costume.

These 10 cheap Halloween costume ideas will have people talking about your costume (in a good way, we promise!).

All of these ideas take a good bit of creativity, but they’re definitely easy to make if you’re willing to put the effort in!


1 . The Avengers


avengers halloween costume ideas

The Avengers is the classic squad Halloween costume idea. Yet you don’t have to buy costumes worth hundreds of dollars to look good.

The best Avengers costumes include Thor, Black Widow, and Captain America. In each of the costumes, be prepared to get creative!

For example, if you wanted to dress up as Thor (it works best if you have long blond hair in the first place), you could borrow a red cape and boots from someone and rock some grey pants and a grey shirt. To make the hammer, you could tape a kitchen paper towel tube to a 12-pack box of beer (empty of course).

Each costume will take some ingenuity but it will make your group look awesome!


2. Mario Kart


mario kart halloween costume ideas

Roll in to the parties in a brake-screeching fashion with a squad of Mario Kart characters!

This one is a lot of fun and people get really creative with this idea. Depending on the people in your group, you could dress up as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and more!

If you have twins in your group, have them dress up as Mario and Luigi with matching overalls, a red and green shirt, and fake mustache.

Or if you have a blonde-haired girl that has a pink dress in your group, have her dress up as Princess Peach.

Get large boxes and paint them to look like karts, or ride up on bicycles for an added effect!



3. Pac Man and Ghosts


pacman halloween costume ideas

Another insanely fun squad costume idea is to dress up as Pac Man and ghosts! This one is super easy as all it needs is a few large boxes for the Pac Man, then some sheets for the ghosts. Easy peasy!

Start by making the Pac Man costume.

Grab some large boxes, and cut out the shapes for each side of Pac Man. We recommend tape or glue to hold it all together. You’ll also want to grab some black construction paper or the eyes and yellow paint for the boxes. Most importantly of all though, don’t forget to leave a space for you to fit into the costume!

Next, paint the sheets in different colors for the ghosts and make eyes out of construction paper.


4. Grease


grease halloween costume ideas

Another fun idea to try out is to dress up as the characters from Grease. This one can also earn you major style points if everyone in your group can dance, as you all can perform at parties!

It’s also a very easy group costume to pull off, as the Grease look is mostly just the 70’s blue jeans with a white shirt and leather jacket (optional). For the ladies, a normal dress will do, but the more sparkly the better.

Next, get wild with some funky hair-dos and watch your costume come to life!


5. Nerd


nerd halloween costume ideas

Need a quick, last minute costume that’s sure to be a hit? Dress up as a nerd and get your friends in on it too!

This costume is super easy because you probably have all the items needed! In case you don’t know how to dress up as a nerd though, here’s a list of thing’s you’ll need:

  • Pants (or shorts) and a long sleeve button-up shirt
  • Running Shoes (Converse are best)
  • Old glasses (best taped or glued)
  • suspenders (optional, but the effect is great)

Most of you will already have these items, but if you don’t, try borrowing them from friends or look at discount stores.


6. Athletes


athlete halloween costume ideas

Speaking of nerds, most of you have been to a “Mathletes vs. Athletes” party, where people dress up as nerds and athletes.

This idea is probably the easiest on this list, as all it needs is a jersey of any kind. If you want to take it a step further, go with long soccer socks and a hat from the team on your jersey!


7. Cat Burglar


cat burglar halloween costume ideas

You’ve been caught! But you’re not going to jail, you’re punishment is being the hottest person at the party!

Instead of being the typical cat, take your costume a step further and get a black mask, with a black money bag as well!



8. Greek Gods and Goddesses


greek god halloween costume ideas

This is a mighty costume because you stroll into the party looking like… gods and goddesses!

It’s also super easy to make as all you need is white bed sheets (although you could wear all white clothing and it would work as well) and gold tinsel for your halo.

Also grab some sandals for effect (preferably the ones that go up your legs!).


9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


mutant ninja turtles halloween costume ideas

You and your friends will have a blast dressing up with this group costume! It has a bit more detail in the costume, but you can go as wild with it as you want.

For the best effect, grab sheets of felt for the masks, cardboard boxes for the shell and knee-pads, and green paint for everything else!

“It’s a Kodak moment.” – Michelangelo


10. Men In Black


men in black halloween costume ideas

Roll up in mystery with this super cool group costume! This one is also a super-easy costume to pull off as all you need is a suit and some black shades.

Hopefully this costume won’t be one people will forget… or will they?

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Whatever you decide to dress up as this Halloween, make sure you dress in style, and above all, be safe and have fun!

Halloween is the best party holiday of the year (save for maybe St. Pat’s of course), so don’t be afraid to show out and make it a night to remember.

Do you have other cheap and easy Halloween costume ideas that should be added to this list? Let us know in the comments!


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